Lee song rim
Looking at it, gave me chills. This letter was the key to my future: the thing that told me what I would become… It was like opening my fortune cookie to see what the future had in hold for me. But most importantly it would show if my father would still accept me as his son. This was that certain letter I have been waiting for months for. In fine print, it read: Oxford University. This was the acceptance letter to my dream (or father’s) college. I took a deep breath and opened the letter; slowly just incase it would say that I was rejected if I opened it to fast. Making sure that every corner was un-tattered, every edge smooth without a rip. Finally opening the envelope I let in a warm breeze of air into my lungs filling up my body slowly with the oxygen to make up for the time I was holding my breath. As my hands were shaking uncontrollably as if I was undergoing an earthquake it took most of my manpower to keep my hands straight, I took out the letter…

“Thank you Mr. Song Rim Lee, we are most pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Oxford University. We await your arrival and hope that you decide to join our campus. Please read the handbooks…”

I was accepted. I, Lee Song Rim was accepted into Oxford University! My heart ws pounding so fast I was sure that everyone else in the house was able to hear it. All the blood in my body started rushing up towards my face burning my cheeks to make me feel flushed and dehydrated. I couldn’t breath through all my overwhelming feelings. I rushed over to Song Ji hye, she was my one and only lover. She was the only other person that I wanted to share this joy with. But there was a catch…

She was our house servant, therefore; our relationship was held a secret. Father can never know, or else she and I would’ve been both dead. I ran to the servant headquarters with all the energy left in my body. Fortunately, no one else was in the room.
“Ji Hye! Ji Hye!” I called to her as if summoning a genie. My she looked beautiful, I picked her up by her waist and drew her close to me.

“What’s the rush Song Rim… someone might here you.” She said playfully as I drowned her with my kisses.

“It doesn’t matter anymore Ji hye! We are free now! I’ve gotten into Oxford! Oxford honey!” Ji hye jumped on me with joy covering me with her kisses. “Now father has to let us get married!” The moment I said those words, a look of despair overcast her eyes. She looked into mine so sadly: like a lost dog. Her lips lied perfectly with a smile, but her eyes told the truth. “What’s wrong Ji hye? Aren’t you happy?” I questioned her as my worries started to drown out my joy.

“Its nothing…” she said as she looked away. I softly lifted her chin so that her eyes met mine.

“Trust me Ji Hye, I’ll take care of you.” She smiled softly and held me tight. But I honestly have to admit; I wasn’t too sure either. I was just hoping deep down in my heart. But of course, I knew. My father was not the type of man to sit still of hearing his so highly educated son marrying a house servant. That was beyond sensible to him. He expected me to go to Oxford and meet an acceptable young women that came from the “right” kind of family. To marry her and live a respectable life to keep the family name in pride. Love was nothing to him, it was all about the family name.

Several Days Later

"Song Rim! Don't you dare go looking for that servant girl! Look at what a fool you have become, chasing around pathetic servent girls! Your grandfather would laugh in his grave if he heard of this mockery! Mark my words young man, you will under no circumstances go looking, or even think of looking for Ji Hye. Is that understood?" My fathers voiced boomed throughout the room. His voice bouncing off of every wall surrounding me like a darkness. I was scared out of my mind of my father. But I wouldn't let my fear keep me from the women I loved. Not this time. Nothing could've stopped me now, not even my father.
"Father, with all due respect, I am in love with this women. You can do whatever you want to try and stop me, but I swear on my grandfathers grave that I shall find that girl and marry her. Whether you like it or not... You can do whatever you want Father, but theres no stopping me. Either way I am going to marry Ji hye, without your honor or not. It is yours to choose." Once I finished I couldn't even believe myself. Neither did the other servants in the room. They all looked at me with disbelief and fear. They must've though I lost my mind. But I didn't care, I was willing to go through anything to find the women I loved. My Father turned quiet, and there was a coldness in his eyes. He gave me a look that I had never seen in my life.

"Get out... You are no longer my son." He muttered silently as if telling a dark secret that noone knew about. I stood there for a moment unable to catch my breath..'was he serious?' "NOW!!" he bellowed out as his face turned into every shade of red possible. With that he fell onto the couch and held his head. All the servants rushed over to him to check up on him. With that, I left the room. Now, there was no turning back.

I had my suitcases packed with a solid rock in my heart sinking ever so deeply with each passing minute. My father had found out about my relations with Ji hye... Without sparing a breath he quickly shipped her back off to Korea. Hoping that I would give up and go on with my life without her... but he was wrong. And here I am now, with only the address of her parents home. There was even a chance she wouldn't be there. Questions raced through my mind: "what if she isn't there?" "what will i say?" "whould she come with me?" It was all such a blur, I just had to plunge into the risk.

I awaited for the boat at the shore for just a couple of minutes, after packing in all my belongings into the cargo area I found myself a comfortable room. I was informed that the trip would take almost a month to a month and a half depending on the weather. Through the course of my trip I was only full with the thoughts of failure... Failure to find her, failure to be with her, failure to lose her... My mind was racing at the moment we arrived.

I quickly started my adventure to find where the address I had been given as her parents home was located. I was informed that it was in the next city of where I had landed. I ventured for a week looking for this address. Longing to see my Ji hye, I never lost hope. Then one day, I finally found the address.

Standing there for what could've been atleast an hour. I sucked in all the courage and strength that was left in me. I knocked on the door silently three times. The whole time sucking in my breath, my heart pounding like a drum, the pulse of my blood rushing in my ear.

"Who is it?" a fimiliar voice called out. Oh my, it mustve been Ji hye... It had to be her! I could never forget that sweet honey rich voice of hers... I found that my voice was lost...I was unable to even utter a word. "Hello?"

"Ji..hye..." I finally stuttered out with a moments hesitation. She was silent. The door opened and she stepped out.

"Song Rim..." She opened her mouth but she said no other word.

"Oh I've missed you!" I finally said and held her close into my arms.

After a meet with her parents we finally were approved of marriage and went back home, where we got married under the honor of my Father. I don't know what had gotten to him, but he had given us his honor at the last moment. We had a happy family with seven beautiful children and we lived happily ever after.

I really liked this story! At first it was a little bland in the the beggining though, and i was trying to see what was going to happen but then it got a lot better when i saw the main charecters love and passion for this servent girl. You used some good word choice and i liked when you said your heart was pounding so fast that everyone in the house could hear it. There is just a little grammer but it wasnt too much to notice that much. Keep up the good work!- Alyssa Zoellner CO

I liked the story as well. But I liked the begining more than the end. Might just be that i'm a guy but it seemed a little bland at the end. The two characters just stood there and didnt' have much passion. There seemed to be more love at the begining. When he was re-united with the servent he seemed suprised and happy but I didn't feel it. I want to know more about the wedding and the accemptence of his father. I know this would make the story incredibly long but It would help the readers feel the joy and happieness of a lost father giving his blessings and lost lovers reuniting. Besides the ending paragraph or two the story was amazing. -Jimmy M.