It has been more than 5 years since Eric and he knew each other. He was attending to the same school as Eric. A school that did not welcome him. Maybe that is why he was so self-centered and fainthearted, nobody noticed his despondent feelings inside him. Alone and left out, he did not talk much with other people. He did not have many Korean friends for his lack of Korean language and he did not have any other friends in the international school. He was always alone.

His mother gave birth to a triplet, all identical. He was the youngest of three brothers, but he also became the oldest; his two brothers died in a car accident. Becoming the only child, his mother became overly worried about him. Everywhere he goes and everything he did was making his mother more careful about him.

As his father went to America, his family became even smaller. Being with only his mom, he did not have people to rely on. He loved his father since his father talked to him about school, his life, and especially about love. Love towards others. When his father went to America, he was able to reach contact with him for only few months. His father was reported missing in Las Vegas while he was gambling.

Losing two older brothers and his beloved father, it made him hate his life. His mother and he were both soaring in pain. Their sufferings of unfairness grew bigger and bigger. His mother was the only person that could support and give love to him. Moving back to Korea, he had to attend Korean public school. Being picked on by others, he cried everyday. Even though he was Korean, they called him a foreigner. They teased him and insulted him until he went to the principle. The principle said that there was nothing he can do. The principle could do nothing because he was being picked on by so many students.

Hoping that he could have a better life in America, his mother sent him to the hospital to fill up a medical sheet that he is applying for a new school in America. The doctor called him mom and said that you must get him to a bigger hospital. It was leukemia. He developed leukemia while all these things happened. Loss of brothers and father, he was stressed.

The usual Korean friend, Eric, heard this news and visited him during the 2nd surgery. They shared conversations about each other. How they have been and what they have been doing. He said that it hurts. It hurts physically and mentally to show how he was to Eric. His mother was always beside her only child, hoping that his 2nd surgery would be successful until the 4th. When Eric had conversations with him, he was always smiling. Eric could give him faith and hope, but he could not give him a new life.

Eric stood in front of him wearing all black. Eric questioned himself, “Why does it always rain in days like this?”
Eric’s dear friend’s name was Alex.