Sotry of Shim Chung

Once, there was a girl named “Shim Chung.” Her father was a blind. But one day, Buddhist priest came to him, and told him that if he contributes money to the Buddhist temple, then he’s going to get back his eyesight. But it was a lie. But Shim Chung’s father believed the priest. So Shim Chung’s father borrowed money from the merchant and paid money to the priest. But Shim Chung’s father couldn’t pay back the money that he borrowed. So the merchant took Shim Chung as a hostage. Shim Chung was sacrificed to the Ocean god. Most of fishermen had died during the voyages because of wild storms. And people believed that by sacrificing a girl would stop the storms. So Shim Chung was sacrificed. But when Shim Chung woke up, she was in the palace of dragon. (Similar to Poseidon, the Ocean God) She told her story to the dragon (Poseidon) and the dragon thought it’s pathetic, so the dragon put Shim Chung in the big lotus flower and sent her back to the upper world. People thought it was a nymph, so people took her to the King and the King married her. Now, Shim Chung became the queen. Shim Chung couldn’t forget her father. So she asked the king to have a party for blinds. So Shim Chung’s father came, and they met again. And finally Shim Chung’s father got back his eyesight.