Around 1920s, in Korea, there was a girl named “Shim, Chung.” Her father, Mr. Shim, was a blind. Shim Chung was so filial so she always took care of her father. She always made good food for her father, and even earned money instead of her father.

But one day, When Shim Chung went to work, a Buddhist priest came to Mr. Shim.

“Excuse me, is anybody here?” the Buddhist priest said.
“Who are you looking for sir?” Mr. Shim replied.
“I’m a (Buddhist) priest. Can you contribute money for Buddhists? The Buddha will bless you.”
“I’m really sorry but I have no money.”
“Oh, that’s okay…….but you seem like a blind. Aren’t you?”
“Yes, I’m a blind. I can’t see anything.”
“There’s one way to get back your eyesight.”
“What? Is that true? What is it?”
“If you pay me 300 bags of rice, then you will get your eyesight back.”
“Oh! Really? Then can you come after 2 days? I’ll prepare 300 bags of rice for you.”

The priest was lying to get money from Mr.Shim, but he believed the priest and went to the landowner of the town and lent him 300 bags of rice without telling Shim Chung.

After 2 days, the Buddhist came again.

“Hello, Mr. Shim!”
“Here are 300 bags.”
Okay, thank you! And this is the magic water. If you wash your eyes with this for 10 days, then your eyes will be cured!”

Then the Buddhist left. It was a lie. It was just the bottle of normal water. But Mr. Shim believed it, and washed his eyes with that water for 10 days. But after 10 days, he still couldn’t see anything. When he was regretting, the slaves of the “land owner” came and threatened him to pay back the money. Suddenly, Shim Chung came out from her room.

“Is that your daughter?” One of the slaves said.
“I’ll take her to the landowner.”
“No! Please, not Shim Chung!!! I’ll pay back money soon! It won’t take that long!!”
But Shim Chung realized what’s going on and said,
“Father, I will just go. Please take care of yourself!”
"Sorry, my daughter! I'll take money to the landowner soon! Just wait till I bring money and be safe!"

Then Shim Chung and the slaves left. But Mr. Shim Chung couldn’t stop her, because they were going so fast, and because Mr. Shim was a blind so he couldn’t run and stop her.

Later, Shim Chung was sold as a sacrifice. Shim Chung was sacrificed to the Ocean God. The slaves tied her with chain and dropped Shim Chung into the sea called “In-dang-soo.” She was sacrificed because of the storms. At that time, most of fishermen had died during the voyages, because of the storms. And people believed that by sacrificing a girl would stoup the storms and make the Ocean God happy.
So finally, Shim Chung was sacrificed.
3 days later, after Shim Chung was sacrificed, Mr. Shim went to the landowner to get Shim Chung back. When Mr. Shim arrived at the landowner's house, he knocked the door.

"Hello! Is anybody here?"

Then, someone opened the door.

"Who are you?" the person said.
"I'm looking for my daughter, Shim Chung. Can you lead to the landowner." Mr. Shim said.
"Didn't you hear it? Your daughter was sold as a sacrifice."
"What? Is that true?" I can't believe this!"

So Mr. Shim went back his house, and he was so depressed and he became ill. He was almost dying.
While Mr. Shim was ill and was in the sickbed, Shim Chung was in the palace of underwater.
Shim Chung was sleeping and one of nymph was nursing her.
When Shim Chung woke up, she found out a nymph.

"Who are you? Where am I?"
"Relax! It's a Palace of ocean. We are in the Ocean."
"Then How can I breath?"
"Because, it's a special!"
"Can I go back to the upper world?"
"I don't know, let me bring you to the king." (it's like a Korean Poseidon)

So Shim Chung went to the King, and told her story and what happened before she came to the palce of Ocean. After the king listened to her story, he impressed by her filial piety and impressed by her story. So the King put Shim Chung in the big lotus flower and sent her back to the upper world. When the lotus flower was floating around the river. People found out the lotus flower, and brought it to the (Upper world's) king. After the king opened the lotus flower, he found out there was a girl. (It was Shim Chung!) The King fell in love with her and married Shim Chung. So she lived happily.

But after several months, she remebered her father and she was concerned. She wanted to find her father, but she couldn't. While she was in the Ocean world, her father became a beggar and was wandering around the country. So she asked the king to have a party for blinds. Then surprisingly, Mr. Shim came. So they met again! And Shim Chung’s father got back his eyesight when he met his daughter!
So they lived happily!

HEY! this is danielle.
You did very good on your story. I would let you live another day, but you need more descripitive words. I got into your story but i kinda got confused on the characters...maybe describe them a little? Also, you you jumped right into your story and started to describe the girl.... you should put in some background information because i couldnt get a picture of who this girl was. You did very good with your dialoge and it made me have a better sense of the story!

GOOD JOB, Danielle CO period 4 Mrs Davis