One day a new student who’s gullible stepped into the school of hell. “Hi! What’s your name?” “Where do you live?” He always talked in this way to every single classmate from the first day of school.

He didn’t know anything about the school; the bullies that were going on in the school. From the first day, he did anticipated something, which was everyone in the classmates were wary of him. After a while, approximately more than a week passed, three boys came up and started he hit me on the stomach.

He: “Ouch! What the hell!?”
One of the three boys: Hey dude if you sit with my girlfriend one more than then you will be crawling to classes.
He: ……
Then they left. At first he thought he had to fight against him, but he had no power. He was small, thin, and had almost no muscles. As he was waiting in the line for the bus, he heard some of his classmates speaking.
Classmates: “OMG! So they were the school gangs?” “The new boy is so poor!”
They were conversing about the gangs of the school.
He went home with my head down and his mother started to ask him bunch of questions that finally made him irritated and blow up.
Mom: “Did you have fun time with your friends?”
He thought … Friends? Huh... I don’t even have one and also I won’t be able to get one. Therefore he just went in to his room without saying a word and bangs the door and locked it.

He attended the school for more than a month and saw the three boys approaching…

One of Three Guys: “Dude, how is your school-life goin`?
He: no - comment
One of Three Guys: “Wanna be friends?”
Even though he got hit by them, he definitely needed friends.
He: “Sure. …”

From that time we became close friends and my school-life was going better and better. Everyone started to talk to me and we all became friends.
After first semester, one of the three boys came to his house and was talking to his mom.

One of the three boys: “Good Afternoon!”
Mom: “Hi Edmund ~”
Mom: “Can I ask you a question?”
One of the three boys: “Of course! Why not!”
Mom: Is my son doing okay in the school?
One of the three boys: “Yep! He is fine.” “After you bought us a nice dinner and gave out expensive presents, all the students started to like him.” Of course I was a friend with him before you gave me the present.

The door was opened and he heard the conversation between a liar and his mother. He was shocked. He was so shocked that he couldn’t even think of the happening. He sat on his chair in front of his desk. It was raining on the desk. His big drops of tears coming down from his eyes made not only the glass, but also some of his worksheets wet. It was heartbreaking.
He went out and said…
He: “Get out of my house!” with one hand pointing and the other hand opening the door.
After rapidly sending the liar home, he went inside his room and locked it. His mother started to bang on the door to open it, but he didn’t. Because he was so embarrassed of himself that he couldn’t even have a friend that he had to involve his mother. In and out of the room, both of the despairing people were both crying and mumbling the work “Sorry.” Therefore he experienced the love of his mother who wanted to make her son friends even by bribing, even though their family was poor.