This is a story of my grandparents. My dad’s side’s parents (my grandparents) don’t face the fact that they are in 21st century! They still think that having son is very important. Well the story is that my grandpa wanted his first grand child to be a son. But didn’t work that way so they named her Yong Zi, which in the family they take the name which is common to the same generation of a family and then when I was about to get borne they thought I was a son because I was very “active” with my kicking. In Korean hospital they don’t allow the parents to know what sex their unborn child was, because people would do abortion if it was a girl so they made it illegal. But the same thing happened, I was a daughter. So my grandpa named me a guy’s name so the next child will be a son, from what grandpa thought. My aunt had 3 children and it happen to be all girls, including my younger sister from mom. Then he told my dad and his 2 brothers that if one of them gets a son then he will give all his property to the grandson. And my dad’s youngest brother’s family had a son that year. This made a conflict in our family causing all of my parent’s property to go to him instead of to us. I’m the least favorite from the granddaughters, because I’m active and a bit loud. Grandpa thinks that girls are supposed to be quiet, calm and also have manners. That is a story from my family. So I thought that I would tell my grandpa stories telling that girls are smarter than you think and nowadays that the women became the rule of the world. Trying to convince him to like me and then things might change a bit.