Welcome to Nashwaaksis Middle School.

We are located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada. Fredericton is a small city (approximately 50,000 people) with a strong sense of community and history.

Our school has approximatly 830 students from Grade 6 to 8. This makes us one of the two largest middle schools in Canada! We have been selected as one of the first schools to have a 1:1 student laptop program in New Brunswick. We love technology to help us learn!

Our home town!

frederictoncityhall.jpgFredericton is the capital city of New Brunswick, and is primarily a government and university town. We are home to two universities and several colleges.

fredriver2.jpgThe Saint John River - called the Rhine of North America - runs through an incredibly beautiful downtown core, making the area a popular tourism center in all four seasons.

There is a wonderful mix of history and culture in our community, with English, French and First Nations (Aboriginals) contributing strong influences, along with growing influences from international communities.

About US!

Balls_writers.JPGWe are a group of writers! Our teacher is Mr. Ball (he's the tall guy in the back!) and we are participating in 1001 Flat World Tales as an enrichment activity! That means we must love to write as this is extra to our schoolwork!!

We look forward to writing and getting to know other students from around the world.