A story that switched a Korean girl-- who just turned 7 who look very fragile-- to a brave girl. Her dark hair cascaded down her shoulders and looked sleek under the sun's reflection. She lives in Kazakhstan as a foreigner with her two sisters – one older and one younger whose face glanced very different from each other– and her parents. The girl's name is Ye Sue.

One night when Ye Sue worked on her homework, she overheard an argument in the parents' room. As a young girl, the constant yelling got her worried and scared. She sneaked up to her older sister’s room going through the balcony and found her sister against the wall listening to the parents’ argument. Ye Sue’s older sister (Yong Ji) found Ye Sue outside her balcony. She soon let her in. Both of the girls shed tears from being frightened. In a hushed tone Yong Ji told Ye Sue, “Its ok, nothing’s wrong. Mom and Dad are just having a little argument, like we do.” Having the responsibility as the oldest child convinced Ye Sue that she shouldn’t worry much. At the same time, having to overhear the argument for the first time upset her. That night both of the girls dozed in tiredness.

The day right after the unpleasant incident, when the three girls returned home from school they noticed something unusual. When the kids walked in, the normal awaiting Kimchi aroma and smiling mother had disappeared. Having this for the first time the kids were frightened but wondered in curiosity where their Mom would be. They went upstairs hoping to find her and found their mom in her bed sobbing. Yong Ji, being the oldest took the responsibility to take care of the younger sister. While thinking what she should do with her sisters, her mom noticed her kids next to the open door. Their mom whispered, “ili wa (come).” The girls rushed toward her and threw their arms around. The room stayed silent until their Mom calmed down and broke the silence with an unexpected question. “What if your daddy and I live separately?” The kids didn’t think seriously to the question and Ye Sue answered first. “Mom, you can live in Korea and Dad, could live in Kazakhstan. I’ll live with Daddy since I have school during the week, then during the break I can visit you.” Ye Sue sounded cheerful not knowing what is to come. The youngest, Jang Mi answered right after her sister, “that would be awesome!” The kids were clueless that these words hurt their mom, deep inside. Yong Ji, knowing the world a bit better knew what this question meant. She stayed quiet with a smile but her eyes were dark and sorrowful for what she knew was to come. In her (the Mom's) situation, she valued the kids the most. She knew the decision she makes can change her children’s lives. She thought of divorcing many times but forced herself to put it behind when she saw her children smile. At the same time she stayed miserable, knowing that her husband was having an affair with another woman.

We all know time rush by when you don't think about it. The most important month that could never be forgotten flew by. In short time, Mom moved back to Korea and the kids were left behind with their dad. The Mom wanted to take her children back to Korea with her, but the Korean law states that the Dad owns the right to take the children unless he doesn’t want them or an agreement made between the parents during the divorce. Dad never gave up the children to Mom since he loved the kids, too. Maybe not as much as Mom did since he paid less attention and never thought of the kids lives.

The Dad never cared about children’s life. How miserable their life would go on being raised without a Mom. Whenever the kids went to school, getting teased by the Korean kids were normal. The kids’ parents would tell them not to hang out with Yong Ji, Ye Sue, and Jang Mi just because their parents divorced. The kids progressed emotionally after what had happened. They became stronger to be able to survive in the environment surrounding them. They changed in time as they grew up with out a Mom and Dad (in a way). Dad kept himself always too busy to take care of his own kids. Their Mom would call the kids at least once a week and during that few minutes the kids' face would lightened up. The kids stayed on their best behavior everyday so their Mom could be proud of them when she sees them. The kids remained strong to live on their life and face what’s to come, than get stuck in the past.