If you have a better face feature than before, what would you feel like? This is a story about a girl who got plastic surgery when she was about 7th grade. Her name was Lee Se Un and she was attending International school in Korea. She was really funny and was popular. But she always hated and worried about her ugly face. Even though, her family and her friend said nothing about her face, she always didn’t like her face. Her most hated part of her face was no double-edged eyelid eyes, flat nose, and her big face.
She was perfect except her face. She was rich, was popular among the people, was funny, studied hard, and was good at dancing and singing. Even though, everybody thought she was perfect. She couldn’t accept her ugly face. Since she wanted to be a singer she couldn't handle her face and finally did something that made her life completely different from what she'd dreamed of.
In the summer vacation, she couldn't still handle her ugly face. Her friends always said her face was okay, her families always said her face was gorgeous, but she always hated her face. She went to a hospital and talked to a doctor how could her face be pretty and gorgeous like Korean celebrities. After she talked with the doctor she dicided to do plastic surgeries on her eyes and nose. Finally, she did her plastic surgery and she was so painful and oppressive. She had to be at her house all day for almost 4 weeks and whenever she had to go outside, she had to wear sunglasses, hat and mask. She had so horrible life for 1 month, she was having pain on her face and she alwasy had protect her face when she went outside. She couldn't meet her friends. But after 1 month, her life was like a paradise. She had more high self-esteem. She seemed happier than before she had the surgery. Whenever she was hanging out with her friends, some guys came to her and asked her out.
But her life became more miserable than ever, after the summer vacation. She had to go to school and face the people's surprising face toward her. Everybody noticed that her face was different and they could tell that she did plastic surgery, because she had bigger eyes and pointed nose. Her girlfriends couldn’t say anything but boys were bullying her, teasing her, and even back stepping her. After a while, her girlfriends started to back step her and started to dislike her. She suddenly became a loner. She was feeling depressed than ever. People in school didn’t play with her for long time, and only one of her friends was her only friend. Her name was Lee Na Yae.They were so close to each other and always encourage themselves when people talking bad about them.
Se Un and Na Yae had so hard time for almost a year, but after a year people just thought that what they did was wrong. And because of Se Un and Na Yae's kindness and humor, they started to be friend with her and her best friend. She and her best friend again became most popular people at the school. They had really good time in school. People didn’t talk behind them; people just liked them and loved them.
Right after their happy time began, Se Un was facing a time to be parted with Na Yae and other friends. She had to go to the States. She was so desperate to become a singer because she was really good at dancing and singing. And because of her desperate hope to become a singer made her do the surgeries and now she had opportunity to become a singer in the States. In Korea, people think that all celebrities have to be pretty and handsome. She couldn’t be a singer because back that time she was too ugly to become singer. Now she had a prettiest face in her school and since her family had a lot of money, she went to America to get lessons to a famous American singer. She got education from the singer for a year and a half. She was still popular to her American friends and from a studio where she got singing and dancing lessons. Because she was optimistic, funny and made people laugh, she had so many friends like she did in Korea. Now she is about to become a singer in the States.