Life on the line
His mother said with a depressed voice, “He was so healthy; he could run ten miles a day; He loved playing soccer; he loved being active.”
The sound of water splashing on top of a dark umbrella during the black Sunday made Eric cry. Eric felt guilty and strangely relieved.
It has been more than 5 years since Eric and him knew each other. He was attending at the same school as Eric; a school that did not welcome him. Maybe that is why he was so self-centered and fainthearted, nobody noticed his despondent feelings inside himself. Alone and left out, he did not talk much with other people. He was born in Korea, but resided most of his life in Thailand. He did not have many Korean friends due to his lack of Korean language and he did not have any other friends in the international school as well. He was more than often alone. His six years in the school made him feel like a new student everyday in the school.

His mother gave birth to triplets, all identical. He was the youngest of three brothers by minutes and he also lost his two brothers by minutes. His two brothers died in a car accident in 2001. Becoming the only child, his mother became overly worried about him. Everywhere he went and everything he did was making his mother more cautious toward him. People around him annoyed him by calling him a baby because his mom always followed him around and kept a close eye on him. This made him feel like an outsider. When he went to Eric’s birthday party, his mother came along to watch over him with every step he took. Although he knew it was because his mother loved him, he also felt deep anger towards his mom for doing so. He knew his mom loved him more than anything, but it was beginning to suffocate him more than he could handle.

His family knew of his fathers’ gambling issues from years before. They did not have enough money to afford to pay for international school in Thailand, so the father decided to move to Korea as education was much cheaper there. Attending at the public school in Korea, he became even more distant and was picked on by others students. He could not speak fluent Korean and this made him an outcast. He was bullied by a group of students everyday. He felt like he wasn’t a human being anymore; his emotions had escaped him. After two years in Korea being treated as a convict, his father went to America to search for a new job. He loved his father since his father talked to him about school, his life, and especially about love. Love towards others. Being with only his mom, he did not have people to rely on for help. He had to face difficult obstacles everyday. For example, he had to avoid the daily mockery of himself from others. When his father went to America, they were only able to reach him for a few months. His father was reported missing in Las Vegas while he was gambling.

Losing two older brothers and his beloved father, it made him hate his life, his family, his God. His mother and him were both soaring in pain. Their suffering of unfairness grew bigger and darker. His mother was the only person that could support and give love to him. After all, he still had to attend a Korean public school. Being picked on by others, he cried everyday. Even though he was Korean, they called him a foreigner for being different. They teased him and insulted him until he could not bare it anymore. He went to the principle’s office; the principle said that there was nothing he can do. The principle said that he could not punish all the students and each one of them since they are all contributing the problem. His mother did not know of the problems at school and he also did not tell his mother about it. Hoping that he could have a better life in America, his mother sent him to the hospital to fill out a medical sheet and a physical test that he will be applying for to a new school in America. Unfortunately, the doctor called his mom and said that he must be moved to a bigger hospital fast, immediately. He was diagnosed with leukemia.

His usual Korean friend, Eric, heard this news and visited him during the 4th surgery in the Asan hospital. A flat line on a heart rate monitor was what he saw with a continuous beep sound.