Down in Seoul, surrounded by tons of buildings and so many dusts, in one apartment, one boy was running inside.
“Who is it?”
“It’s me mom I am back from school!”
“Ok, come in quickly have a snack before you go to the hak-won’
“Ok... mom…”
While the kid was putting in the food in his mouth, he hears his mom speaking with the neighbor.
“Hey there is a new hak-won I found and it is really good!” the neighbor said.
“Really? I think I should send Tim there too” mom said.
“Hey, Tim, you will be going to another hak-won”
Tim Lee, a thirteen years old boy, has two nightmares a day called “hak-won.” On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he has math and English. On Tuesday and Thursday, he has Korean and Science.
Everyday is the same for him. He always goes to the hak-won after school.
It was 3 o’clock when Tim came back home from school. Today was Tuesday. He had his meal and at 3:30, he went to take the Hak-won bus to the Korean Hak-won. The Korean Hak-won classes lasted for three hours and it was really boring. Tim didn’t like it because he didn’t know why he had to learn Korean when he could speak Korean so well. The teachers in the Hak-won are so scary they hit students when they acted inappropriately.
Finally, three hours of nightmares had passed and Tim went to McDonalds for dinner. Everyday, Tim had these kinds of instant foods and he was sick of it. Tim didn’t feel as if he were even full. In this age, he needed to eat more healthy foods and have more choices of food to eat. In an exhausted motion, he walked down to the science Hak-won. The science hak-won classes lasted for two hours. Tim had a test today, but he failed. He didn’t have time to study because of the work from other hak-wons. He was so scared to tell his mom. Because if he did, he was sure that she will nearly kill him.
He couldn’t tell his mom that night. On the night when he came back, he had to do school homework. Hak-won in the day time and school work at night? It made if feel like the hak-won was more important.
Just think about Tim’s day, Tim was just worried about going to another hak-won. The number of hak-wons that he was going increased time by time, because of the stupid neighbor who always come and talk about new hak-wons. Tim’s mom has to send Tim to what ever hak-won that the neighbor’s kid goes because she wants Tim to be better then the neighbor.

When he was doing the homework, he got a call from his friend in Australia. Tim told his friend how badly he felt and that he wanted to commit suicide. But his friend told him how great it was to be in Australia with no hak-wons and just a little school work after school. He talked to his friend so long that he couldn’t finish his homework. So Tim had to go to the school and write, ‘I will finish my HW’ 200 times. Also, he had some HW from the hak-won that he hadn’t finished, so he had to do it during school. He really felt that the hak-won was ruining his life. Tim was going to hak-won because his mom told him to. This really had to change. After he finished all his hak-won studies, he came home with his body exhausted. When he got home, his mom wasn’t happy. She shouted at Tim and showed him the letter she got. It was the letter from the hak-won showing that Tim had failed the test. She was so mad that she locked up the computer as a punishment. For Tim he could only play on the computer for on Saturdays and Sundays and it was his only enjoyment time. He was so angry and didn’t understand why he had to go there and get in a bad situation at school that he couldn’t do the school work properly. It was hard to go to so many hak-wons, everyday after school.
One day he started talking back to his mom and his mom started shouting out of the house and suddenly his dad came home. As his dad came in, Tim and his mom grew silent. His dad talked his mom and Tim and together they thought of a better way for Tim’s future.

After a few hours, Tim went to bed but he couldn’t sleep. He was thinking and crying while listening to his parents fighting in their room. They were screaming so loud that even Tim can hear them. Tim was so depressed because it seemed that he himself had made this situation.

When Tim had almost fallen asleep, his room suddenly his room started shaking and spinning quickly. His bed began to fly to somewhere he had never been. Finally, it stopped and it was somewhere that Tim hasn’t been or heard of before. It was nowhere on the World Map. There was just a long stair that connected somewhere which was underground. With fear and hope, he walked slowly walked down the stair. Ten minutes had past since he had started to walk. Suddenly, he saw a light. He ran towards it and it was a city full of hak-wons and houses. As he entered the city, dozens of people ran up to him and praised him for no reason. Tim was so confused by it. More surprisingly, the people asked him if Tim could be the new ruler of the city. Still, Tim was confused. He asked why, “Why are you asking me?” Tim said.
“Well… believe that person who comes from the stair is the person who could rule us” the leader of the people said. So Tim happily went to the highest level in the biggest hak-won and sat there. As he did, his secretary gave him a list of hak-wons. Because Tim was so angry and hated the hak-wons, that he had made some of the hak-wons close, and it had happened. He saw that the kids and students in the city were happy with the different life that they ever had. But the parents of course weren’t happy at all, they were protesting out side of the buildings. When he saw the closures, he remembered his mom how harshly she had been sending hak-wons to him. So he closed all the hak-wons down and even the schools. Every parent was saying bad things and they kept on protesting. But Tim was happy and all the kids seemed to be happy.


Now, 30 years have passed so quickly from that day Tim closed down all the hak-wons and schools. Most of the parents were old and some passed away. Suddenly and slowly the city was getting worse in its development and products. Finally they couldn’t sell anything. The only thing they had was the food. Every adult became a farmer. The only futuristic tool they had was the tractor for the farm. The uneducated adults, who were the happy kids from 30 years before, they had no parents anymore to give them advice. The city was turning in to a hell and disaster. Of course, every body turned to Tim and blamed him for everything that he had done in the past 30 years. There was no education all because of Tim. Everybody was confused as to why they had made him in to a ruler and them through away the belief that the person from upstairs should be the leader. All of the crews of people were shouting outside Tim’s building. They were trying to come into the building where Tim was but Tim was blocking them with his guards and didn’t opened the doors. But it was every citizen against few guards, there was no way to stop them. The guards fell. The doors were broken by the mad citizen. Tim had no where to run but upstairs. Tim was ran and ran but because he only enjoyed his 30 years just eating and playing he got fat that he couldn’t run properly. Finally he got caught. As soon and as suddenly he got caught, everybody were surrounding him and shouting at him, “Give me my life back”
Almost all of the people were wishing so hard that they were almost dying to punch him.
Suddenly he fainted with no reason, just because he was scared. As he fell down in to the ground he opened his eyes.
“Where am I?”
“Tim wake up and get ready for school and hak-won”
His mother said.
It was eight in the morning. It had all been a dream, a bloody dream.
Tim hugged his mom and said I love hak-won.
That night, he talked with his mom and he understood how his mom worries about his future which was the reason why she sends him to hak-wons.
Tim thought that hak-won is for him, so he was much happier to go to hak-won. But still he hated the teacher.